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CCNA Security
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1.0 Security Concepts

1.1  Common security principles

1.2 Common security threats

1.3 Cryptography concepts

1.4 Describe network topologies

2.0 Secure Access

2.1   Secure management (SNMPv3, NTP)

2.2 AAA concepts (RADIUS, TACACS+, ACS, ISE)

2.3 802.1X authentication

2.4 BYOD

3.0 VPN

3.1  VPN concepts (IKE, ESP, AH, IPsec)

3.2 Remote access VPN (SSL VPN, AnyConnect SSL VPN)

3.3 Site-to-site VPN (ASA)

4.0 Secure Routing and Switching

4.1 Security on Cisco routers

4.2 Securing routing protocols

4.3 Securing the control plane (CPP)

4.4 Common Layer 2 attacks

4.5 Mitigation procedures

4.6 VLAN security

5.0 Cisco Firewall Technologies

5.1  Describe operational strengths and weaknesses of the different firewall technologies

5.2 Compare stateful vs. stateless firewalls

5.3 Implement NAT

5.4 Implement zone-based firewall

5.5 Firewall features on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

6.0 IPS

6.1 Describe IPS deployment considerations

6.2 Describe IPS technologies

7.0 Content and Endpoint Security

7.1  Describe mitigation technology for email-based threats

7.2 Describe mitigation technology for web-based threats

7.3  Describe mitigation technology for endpoint threats